7 things about us

Inspired by Kendi's 7 things about us post, we decided to tell you a little bit more about us.

Not embarrassing stupid school years things, though. (Besides, nobody tagged us, so we can easily get out of this one!)

1. We are real life friends. We met at a rock concert in 2004.

2. We have 6 years of age difference. (Sometimes we wonder who really is the youngest...!)

3. We both have full-time jobs not related to fashion.

4. Rose lived one year in London.

5. Violette has a bachelor degree in psychology. She tried to study fashion design... and dropped out. Sewing is definitely not for her.

6. Rose is perfectly bilingual, Violette less. Mais les deux possèdent un français tout à fait impeccable.

7. We both love shopping, green tea, nail polish and junk food. Especially on the same day.

7. We both have very different bodies and tastes, but we could never shop with anyone else than each other. And blog with anyone else than each other.

Ok, we know that's actually 8 things - but hey, it's out blog, so stick to our rules (plus we wouldn't have been able to keep the catchy "7 Things" title).

For other silly (new) pictures of us, click here! Enjoy (laughing at us).


  1. Thanks for sharing! It is great getting to know a bit more about you two!

  2. Vous êtes deux très belles personnes, vous ne vous prenez pas au sérieux c'est pour cela que vous êtes intéressantes! Je pourrais rajouter beaucoup de qualités mais je ne veux pas vous gêner........

  3. Wow, merci beaucoup Lulu! :)

    Mais continue, on les prend les compliments haha!

  4. Merci beaucoup Lulu! Combien on te doit pour ces beaux compliments? ;)

  5. Belle photos, belles femmes!:)