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At rose&violette, we are doing different types of posts: Outfits, Yay or Nay, Ten Items, Fashion News, I Want, I Bought, Inspiration, DIY, Polyvore Sets. We may also try some other types of posts, we feel like experimenting a bit.

But, we would like to know what YOU think! What are the posts that you enjoy reading the most?

Please take a minute to answer the poll on the left of the blog! You just have to click on the posts you like (select as many as you wish), and then click on the vote button to send your answers.

If you would like to say a little more than that, feel free to do so in this post!

Thank you so much!

Also! In order to do continuous customer service, we changed the reaction buttons at the bottom of the posts. Inspired by the adorable (and I really mean adorable) Valentine, you can now either click on "like" or "love" after reading a post. It only takes a second and it means a lot to us. Thank you again!

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