Violette: The Day After

Sweater - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Necklaces - Urban Behavior & H&M
Boots - Zara

After celebrating the new year and coming back home, a much needed casual day calls for a casual outfit. I'm still in a Alexa Chung mood, so I layered necklaces. But this isn't the first time I'm doing that! I'm such an avant-gardist. haha! No seriously, I think it's a fun way to revisit your accessories and to upgrade a simple outfit to a more elaborate one.

P.S. Still no sign of Alex Turner.


  1. You're so pretty! You look like a little angel (if only they knew haha)

    So this is the long sweater you told me about. Lots of fabric, uh? But it looks really good on you, and so does the colour. Good job!

  2. This color looks gorgeous on you! I love this effortless ensemble! Happy New Year Violette!

  3. Très joli, j'adore ces hauts! C'est différent et ça camoufle les petits défauts....

  4. Thank you Rose and Liz. I also really love that color. And the sweater is just soooo comfortable! I can't wait to show you a remix of it, I wear it with just about anything!

    Merci Lulu! En effet, c'est parfait pour les jours où n'a pas le goût de montrer nos (si petits haha) défauts! ;)