Favorite Links: Jan.1-8, 2011

Because we read a lot about fashion and beauty on the net, this week we would like to try a new kind of post: our favorite links of the week. It could either be news, tips, trends, outfits from other bloggers, well just about anything that we found interesting and that we want to share with you!


Tell us if you like it! And if you would like to share some links with us, please do so in the comments section!

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  • If you are bored with your wardrobe, before running to the mall, try these 5 style challenges (from College Fashion). We already done a 30 for 30 last summer, it's quite a challenge, but it's very creative and inspiring. We'll be sure to do it again when Kendi will start another one.
  • Try also these five things (from Refinery29). I love love LOVE #2 (blush). I really love blush. I also liked #3 (statement earrings). I'm unsure about #4... not ready yet to change my skinny jeans (scoop: Yay or Nay about jeans soon to come). And you?
  • As I asked you in a recent Yay or Nay on maxi skirts, I'm unsure about the maxi skirt trend, though I bought a maxi dress last summer. It's not the same thing for me, I didn't really know how to style one and make it look modern until I read this (from Lucky Magazine). I may try to embrace the trend... but I still have to find a maxi skirt first. To be continued!
  • Spring's six colors trends (from Refinery29). I'm not much of a color person, but I liked honeysuckle pink (adorable! and it's Pantone's color of the year) and earth tones. Your favorites?

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