Ten Items: Fair Isle / Jacquard

Winter is the perfect (if not the only appropriate) season to wear fair isle pattern. It evokes warmth, comfort and cosyness. And no, it's not exclusive to log cabins outfits. Since it's in every store this year, why not plan a night in and get yourself a few of these items?

  1. White sweater - American Eagle Outfitters - $25
  2. Hat - Bloomingdales - $43
  3. Scarf - Smart Set - $15
  4. Gloves - Ralph Lauren - $25
  5. Sleep pants - Aeropostale - $10
  6. Tie-belt wrap cardigan - Old Navy - $35
  7. Dress - People Tree - $120
  8. Slippers - Target - $19
  9. Cardigan - John Lewis - $120
  10. Leggings - Asos - $38

While I've been dreaming to get a wrap cardigan, it doesn't look very flattering on me. However I'm pretty curious to see what the white sweater looks like. I might just pay a visit to my nearest AE!

Do you own any fair isle item? How do you wear it?


  1. I really like the tie wrap cardigan! Is it really from Old Navy?! Wow!

    Not sure about the cardigan though... it reminds me of one I had in high school ewwww.

    I don't think I own any fair isle item... do you Rose?

  2. I don't own any fair isle pieces, but I'd like to! Great picks!

  3. I just bought a skirt with a siilar pattern and I'm in love with it! :)

  4. Thanks ladies for your comments!

    To Gabby: On a skirt? Wow that must be so cute! No doubt you're in love with it! :)

  5. J'aime bien la veste ceinturée no. 6. J'ai de ces motifs dans mes accessoires de ski de fond ....

  6. Merci Lulu pour ton commentaire. Mais dis-toi qu'ils sont à la mode actuellement haha!

  7. I don't own any of these items, although I really love the white sweater and the gloves. I think I'll pay a visit to my local American Eagle and try to see if it fits well.

    En effet Lulu, c'est le temps de sortir tes beaux articles de sport haha! ;)