I Want: Kitten Shoes


It all started with this picture of Alexa Chung at Valentino Ready to Wear Spring 2011 show.

I first noticed the dress, with the oh-so-cute bows on the shoulders. I think this is the way to do strapless! Then, I saw that her shoes have kittens on it. Yes, KITTENS! No way. I never thought at my age, I would be jealous of someone wearing kitten shoes. But it happened.

Lately, she did it again. At the 2011 British Fashion Awards.


It might not show on the picture, but she's wearing the pump version of the kitten shoe.

That was it: I so deeply need cat shoes. 

After a search on the web (thanks Rose!), I found them. They are from Charlotte Olympia.


There is only one slight little problem... they are priced about 700CA$.

Maybe in another (cat) life.

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