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Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I've been sick: I hurt my back on Monday. So I didn't go to work, neither did I take outfit pictures for the last two days.

I also have no pictures from Osheaga, it was way too hot to take beautiful outfit pictures, I was all sweaty and red. (Did I tell you how much I hate the heat?! Grrr.) But I'll try to recreate my outfit as soon as I feel better. There is this thing about style blogging, you need to feel relatively good about yourself to take outfit pictures!

I thought it was too early to post this, but as I don't have anything else prepared, and I don't want to leave you all week without any new post, there you go!

I went at H&M last week and I really loved the new items for fall. I had to force myself not to buy anything because summer is still going on strong here in Montreal. Anyway, here are my favorite items:

1. H&M dress, 39,95 CA$
2. H&M coat, 69,95 CA$
3. H&M bangle, 14,95 CA$
4. H&M shoes, 59,95 CA$
5. H&M dress, 29,95 CA$
6. H&M skirt, 34,95 CA$
7. H&M top, 29,95 CA$

What do you think of H&M's fall 2011 collection?

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