15/30 rose: nope, it's not casual wednesday

... until 5PM, that is. then the fun begins!

today i wasn't feeling comfortable in what I wore (remember that beached whale thing?) so i decided to post my evening outfit. fyi, i do not have an evening outfit every evening of the week, i just figured that i might as well try to feel cute at night considering i felt somewhat uneasy all day.

and for the record,
i did find the kitty kitty under a porch (under violette's sister's porch, actually). i could only see her tail at first because she was kind of terrified. she was so sick and tiny that for a minute, i thought she was a weird species of squirrels.

more seriously though, i fell in love with this necklace the minute i saw it. it's bold, it's not too heavy, it's semi purple, and, wait for the best part, it was on sale. what's not to love?

and i wish the weather permitted the use of these lovely sandals. but ankle-high gladiators with a skirt? er, no. hello, foot-ball-like calves. i kind of chose to wear jeans so i could wear the sandals.

p.s. i just recently declared that my favorite How I Met Your Mother character is Barney so i might start to excessively use catchphrases here and there, especially if it doesn't have an obvious purpose and seems out of the blue. i'm halfway through season 2 and i'm so addicted. it's gonna be legendary!

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