3/30 rose are you offended, yeah?

Today I decided I wasn't interested in wearing a tight polyester outfit and fit with other employees at work. Screw them, I won't suffocate another day for the sake of corporate clothing.

I did get glares, although I wore the dress with a lovely white cardigan. I suspect my colleagues are secretly plotting to burn this dress so I don't blind them again with colour. Too bad for them, at least I was comfy.

Notice I wore my hair down? I figured you would think I had a major hair problem by now since I didn't have any picture of me like that so far. Well I do have a problem with humidity so that's the best I could do.


  1. So pretty Rose! The two belts are such a good idea. And... your dress has pockets! Yay!

  2. I love the two belts too! Very cute!

  3. That outfit looks so breezy. Great way to beat that heat!

    I love that you used two belts.

  4. Cute dress, I would so work in that little number! Im joining the challenge this weekend so thought I would say hi and see how its all going. Love your look for day 2 aswel!
    Daisy Dayz Home

  5. I LOVE the double belts, I'll have to remember this next time I'm shopping and see two belts in the same color!