Violette 13x30: Tribute to Rose + Major News

Top - Old Navy (old)
Dress - H&M
Tights - ???
Shoes - Zara
Belt - Nine West via Century 21 (gift)

This is my tribute to Rose, inspired by an outfit she wore here. I honestly think she's wonderful and so pretty. Even if everybody is always telling her, sometimes I feel she just doesn't believe it. I don't know what it would take for her to accept the fact that she IS amazing! So, I decided to dedicate this blog post to her.

This is also the perfect timing because Rose's live is really exciting as we are speaking. She won't be able to blog for a couple of days because she learned yesterday (yes, yesterday) that her boyfriend is going to move to France for his job... on Saturday! So you'll understand why she won't blog until his departure. The sad news is that they are going to be apart for at least one month. The good news is that she will also move to France this Spring! Wow!

I'm very sad to let her go, but I would probably do the same thing, I don't know. But rose&violette is going to cover 2 continents for a while, isn't that awesome? And I might even visit her while she's away, that's even cooler! I really hope we will make it happen.


  1. Snif, snif Rose...

    mais youppi aussi !! Voilà une autre raison pour traverser l'Atlantique;) j'espère que tu poursuivras ce blog avec Violette!

  2. Tout aussi joli sur toi que sur Rose que cet ensemble! Chanceuse Rose! Je crois que tu vas manquer beaucoup à Violette, mais il faudra continuer à nous écrire car tu vas nous manquer aussi!

  3. J'aime beaucoup ton look, et ton petit tribute est touchant. On l'aime la belle Rose!

    Mais dans un ton plus léger, ce qui est bien avec le déménagement Français de Rose, c'est que de la ville dans laquelle elle sera vous serez en mesure de partir un onglet spécial « look plein-air » (genre bottes de randonnée, sous-vêtement thermals, etc.), AVEC des volcans en arrière plan! :)

  4. Merci pour vos commentaires!

    À Julie: Yes! depuis le temps que je rêve de faire une chronique PLEIN-AIR avec mes Merrell, mes pantalons transformables et mon polar! ;)