Ten Items: In the Office

Following the school-days tradition, fall is always the most important moment of year in terms of shopping. Whether you need all the sturdy basics or just a couple of whimsical items, building a working closet is not an easy task - make sure to consult Kendi's guide in all cases.

If you are starting from scratch, here are 10 items that you will absolutely need to cover the basics. Remember that a working closet doesn't have to be boring - sure, you need to follow certain rules, but being boring is not listed as one. Revisit the classics - opt for a high-waisted black pair of trousers instead of regular ones, choose a colored dress instead of a black one, pop in some red shoes, etc. Have fun experimenting!

1. Colorful cardigan - Dorothy Perkins - £25
2. Light structured blazer - New Look - £25
3. Funky dress - Smart Set - $45
4. Flower pin - Dorothy Perkins - £8.50
6. Red shoes - Miss KG - £45
7. Pleat & high-waist skirt - Dorothy Perkins - £23
8. Colorful dress - HM - $30
9. Colored thighs - Dorothy Perkins - £8
10. High-waisted pants - House of Fraser - £42

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