Beauty Talk: Precious Eyebrows

For most of my life now I have been obsessed by eyebrows (among other things like every OCD person out there).

It all started in 6th grade when I realized that I had somewhat of a... uni brow. My eyebrows were out of control and they, sigh! touched each other in the middle. (No, I won't show you a picture of that.) After the scary uni brow experience, I really became obsessed over the perfect eyebrow shape and even color. My eyebrows are naturally a little darker than my natural hair color and when I dyed my hair blonde, my eyebrows looked too dark (as least according to me at that time). I tried to put blonde dye on them... and they became orange. No kidding! (No picture of that either, but I clearly remember everyone laughing while trying to convince me it wasn't that worst.) For about a month, everyday I had to put foundation on my eyebrows and then some taupe liquid eye shadow to tone the orange down. It was horrible. And I'm only talking about color here...!

Before going further on eyebrows, I wanted to make sure that you are fully aware of the importance of eyebrows. Are you? I know bleached eyebrows are a big runway trend (key word: runway, not real life), but to prove my point, let's see how some of our favorite stars would look sans eyebrows.

I warn you: this isn't pretty. Ready?

Anne Hathaway

Jessica Alba

Natalie Portman

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Convinced? Do you cherish your eyebrows now?

To be continued, stay tuned. In the meanwhile, do you have any eyebrows horror stories to share?

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