8/30 rose's return

hello fellow readers,

i'm back. not that i haven't been remixing, i just haven't been able to take pictures. mostly because work is really hectic these days and i can only think of one thing when i finally get home: put on my pjs and eat ice cream. also, i've had a pretty harsh skin condition lately and it's only getting back to normal, plus i've gained some weight. all good reasons not to want to take pictures of my self.

today i wore this. i find the top really cute (and it costed me $50, which is a lot, but it was way too cute). i feel really chic yet retro in it.

and yes, it is so hot inside my apartment that i HAVE to have the fan towards me.

jackie (the kitty) is glad that i'm taking pictures again. doesn't she look peaceful?


  1. Loooove the red shoes. You did a good thing by buying this top, it's really pretty.

    Glad you're back.

    P.S. You look beautiful and skinny. And a little bit crazy in the last picture. haha

  2. Love the top and your shoes! You look pretty!! We all need to tell each other that we are pretty and skinny more often. Right?

    Glad you are back, hope work settles down.

    Love the pic with the cat. =)