Favorite Links: Jan 30-Feb 5, 2011


This week: Bloglovin Awards, Nathalie Portman, Julia Stiles, Mila Kunis, Keira Knightley, curly hair products, le maquillage lavande, Katy Perry for OPI, 10 fashion fixes and 10 ways to look better in pictures, tips for a sexier look and to say goodbye to jiggly arms... et bien sûr les tendances du printemps 2011.

Bloglovin Awards 2011: Vote for your favorite blogs! P.S. At the end of the voting form, you can vote for any blogger you want... just saying.

SAG Awards: Nathalie Portman en Azzaro, wow. (via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Who wore it better? Julia Stiles or Mila Kunis? (via Style MTV) I prefer Mila!

Even stars remix their clothes! (via Style MTV)

Curly friends: yes you can find products that are good to your hair in a drugstore (via Naturally Curly). If you a curly girl: do you avoid sulfates and silicones? I am avoiding them for over a year now... and honestly my hair never looked that healthy.

Tendance maquillage: l'oeil lavande (via Madame Le Figaro) J'aime! Je partage avec vous si jamais je tente le coup!

I WANT. Too bad it seems sold out everywhere. (via Stingy Style)

10 fashion fixes (via Elle Canada). Do you agree with them? Personnaly, I don't think investing in a t-shirt is worth it. It always gets old and formless. Of course, I never had a piece from Alexander Wang...

10 ways to look better in pictures (via In Style). Maybe we'll try that in our outfit pictures! On a side note: I LOOOOVE number 10's picture.

As Elaine once said, I am also definitely categorized as a "cute" girl vs a "sexy" girl... Maybe I could try these tricks? (via In Style)

8 ways to say goodbye to jiggly arms! (via In Style) That's for me! But man, it's all EXERCISES. I'd rather stay jiggly. (And wear sleeves.)

Évidemment, encore les tendances printemps 2011. Comme je vous répète depuis plusieurs semaines, le printemps sera 1970 (via Le monde de CathIN). Finirai-je par céder et me procurer une paire de jeans à jambes évasées?!


  1. I prefer Julia's outfit only because of the shoes. I don't like Mila's choice.

    Et comme je te dis, une belle paire de jeans évasé structuré t'irait comme un gant!

  2. I love that you guys do these links - they're always so informative and fun to read!

  3. Thank you so much Kristine! Glad that you like this kind of post :)