Rose 10x30: Before the Break

Sweater - Smart Set
Skirt - RW&CO
Tights - HM
Belt - From a Dorothy Perkins dress
Pearls - Vintage

Hello again.
Sorry for this interruption, back to the regular programming.

This is what I wore last Thursday. I didn't get the chance to post the outfit for reasons you already know but I am so ridiculously in love with these long forgotten tights so I'm posting it anyway.

It doesn't really show on the pictures but I copied Violette and added a bow to my outfit, basically using a long ribbon around my waist and tying it on the side. It's a silky fabric so it added a great texture too.

And for all those who wonder, yes, driving your fiancé to the airport and saying goodbye for 2 months is like having your legs cut off. I'll have to figure out the whole tripod thing now. And kill spiders by myself. And try not to have toasts for dinner every night.

Luckily, Violette and I already have about a dozen plans for the next weeks. That should keep us busy, there are even a few projects we plan on posting here! Stay tuned!


  1. Oh oui que je l'avais remarqué ton ruban! :) Très joli!

    Et je n'en reviens toujours pas... comment as-tu pu OUBLIER que tu possédais ces merveilleux collants? Incroyable!

  2. C'est très joli ce chandail et porté avec un ruban ajoute beaucoup de punch. Bonne idée.