Rose 8x30: Shifting Focus

Sweater - HM
Skirt - RW&CO
Necklace - Ardène
Belt - Old Navy
Hair clip - F21

Why is this post called shifting focus? Take a closer look at the way my sweater fits. C'mon, go, I'll wait.

Now, do you see the same thing I see? Bust, right. Loads of it. And that's not what the image I want to project. Nature has given me this bust but I am in full power to change the way I want it to look. I call this shifting focus.

My first tip? Wear wow accessories. Anything that is contrasting, either in style or colour, is perfect. Especially long necklaces. See what I wore with this sweater last time? Also, big belts. Not too close under the bust line, but low enough to hit the smallest portion of your body.

I think I made a good job at hiding this part of my body, or at least, shifting focus to somewhere else, alas my necklace and the belt.

Do you have any tips to hide parts of your body you'd rather not show, or at least, not put into display?


  1. I love this look! A big necklace draws the attention up and away from body parts I don't want on display!

  2. ai-je vraiment besoin de dire que tu te mérites un 25/10 pour cet outfit?

  3. Mais pourtant ça fitte, Julie! ;) J'ai pas fait beaucoup d'efforts !

    And yes, I totally agree. Any big accessory will play a huge part in the hiding thing.

  4. Wow! Ou je dirais même: watatowwwww.

    Pis check-la qui chiale sur la grosseur de son poitrail. Non mais hein! Y'en a qui PAYENT pour ça, Rose! ;)

    Sans blague, j'ai plusieurs trucs pour déplacer l'attention sur une partie de mon corps. Ça me donne des idées de billets, on s'en reparle!

  5. Décidément, tu m'étonnes de jour en jour. Tout est bien agencé Violette a raison, il y a tant de femmes qui portent des implants mammaires, toi, tu n'en n'a pas besoin, et c'est parfait comme ça! Rien à camoufler.