Ten Items: Hearts

All right I know the timing is easy but I couldn't help it. I don't hate St.Valentine's Day nor do I love it - but I do think that one doesn't need to be told when to say I love you. And to buy chocolate, that goes without saying.

Here's to all the people who love each other, and not just mushy couples. Violette, I love you!

1. Tights - Topshop - $18
2. Earrings - F21 - $5
3. Umbrella - Modcloth - $30
4. Measuring cups - Modcloth - $12
5. Belt - TopShop - $32
6. Skirt- HM - $20
7. Clips - Modcloth - $9
8. Dress - Modcloth - $34
9. Sweater - Yesstyle - $31
10. Necklace - F21 - $5

And for the pleasure of your eyes (and the pleasure of my mouth), here's my timely creation:


  1. The cupcakes are adorable! :)

  2. Very cute Rose! I love you too :)

    I also like that everything is under 40$! That H&M skirt is still on my mind...

    P.S. Mmmm cupcakes. J'ai hâte d'y goûter!

  3. La robe et les pulls à coeur sont vraiment incroyables!
    vive les coeurs!!!!

  4. Trop bon le cupcake. Merciiiii :)

  5. Vive les coeurs (et les cupcakes). Ces derniers ont fait fureur au bureau!

    Perso je craque pour les pulls et la ceinture. Un jour, Top Shop Oxford St, je te revisiterai. Un jour.

  6. Ha et la robe. La rooobe.
    Mais le 20$ de shipping au Canada limite beaucoup mes envies...!

  7. On se mettra à deux un de ces quatres pour commander chère! ;)

  8. Loving that skirt, but I have such bad luck finding what I'm looking for at H&M! Cute compilation!