Violette 6x30: Black and blue

Top - H&M (old)
Pants -H&M
Shoes - Aldo
Blask sash - from a dress
Headband - H&M

This is my first extra item of the challenge! If you remember, Rose had trouble finding 30 items (don't ask me... I still don't understand... haha!), so she "gave" me her 5 left items. I took the opportunity to spice things up by choosing 5 items that I seldom wear for different reasons.

So, these navy pants. In fact, they are new (before the challenge). I like them but they present three challenges: the color, the fit (can you say skinny?!), and the overall fit on me (I ALWAYS have this gap at the waist with pants... sorry Stacey and Clinton, no I won't tailor all my pants). But I bought them because I thought they were cool. (Good reason, right?) And I really wanted to challenge myself to mix navy and black, since I have a lot of black tops. I have no problems with brown and black, brown and grey, grey and beige, but navy and black? Major problem. But I did it, and I think it's not that bad. Are you a fan of navy and black together?


  1. love it!! The top is super cute and bow on the side too. :D

  2. Violette, cet ensemble est un gagnant! Le noir te va toujours bien et mixé avec ces pantalons qui te vont à ravir c'est vraiment joli! La petite ceinture donne une petite touche fantaisiste. J'aime beauccoup.