Rose 5x30: Purple is the New Red

Dress - HM
Cardigan - Aubainerie
Thighs - Smart Set
Shoes - Aldo
Ring & Necklace - La Baie

This is what I actually wore yesterday for St.Valentine's Day. I brought the famous cupcakes to the office and let me tell you, it was war. People fought for the last one. You're sorry you didn't get a chance, aren't you?

I wanted to wear red but then I thought: I don't have any red in my selection. Or ever. And it's a bit cheesy. And with the cupcakes I thought I had made enough cheesy things in a single day. So I decided to wear purple instead and I'm glad I did because I was the only one in the office who did!

I don't usually wear my hair up like that, but I always do when I get home, you know when your scalp hurts from thinking all day and everything? Just me?

(And yes. The lighting in my hallway sucks. So does every room of my apartment. Sorry.)


  1. You have such a gorgeous, classy style.

  2. Rose, tu es belle. Trop. Argh!

    J'aime beaucoup les collants mauves! J'aimerais avoir le courage d'en porter, mais ce n'est tellement pas moi!

  3. Je comprends que tu as dû faire fureur au bureau! C'est très bien agencé et tu es tellement jolie avec tes "nouveaux" cheveux.