Violette 5x30: Blogger Outfit

Top - Old Navy
Skirt - Smart Set
Tights - ???
Shoes - Zara
Headband - Ardène

I felt very "bloggeresque" in this outfit. A year ago, I probably wouldn't have worn this outfit: chambray shirt, lace skirt and olive oxford heels. Those are all things I first discovered among the blogosphere. When I discovered fashion and style blogs, I can honestly say my life changed. It was the thing I was waiting for. I couldn't believe how many other smart girls were interested in fashion and shared their outfits on the internet. Sometimes I was a little ashamed of being attracted to fashion and everything related to it because I was scared to be considered superficial and dumb. Discovering the blogging world also changed the way I shop and look at trends and how I see fashion. It's amazing to have all this inspiration from other "real" people. It's endless and I love it.

Well. So I wore this outfit to work (on a Friday) and to be honest, nobody seemed to care at all. But I smiled all day secretly thinking about all that blogging thing.


  1. J'adoooore ! Les souliers sont super, et la blouse en jeans avec la jupe plus classique est un match partait.

    Pour les commentaires sur mon blog, français ou anglais, tant que c'est pas autre chose j'ai pas de problèmes LOL !!!!

  2. Oh I know what you mean! I don't think I ever would have been brave enough to wear what I wear now! Super cute Violette :)

  3. Lorsqu'on est à l'aise avec nos vêtements, notre comportement est aussi confortable et ça se reflète sur notre humeur! Bon agencement, les souliers verts viennent mettre juste le petit "piment" pour égayer le tout. Bravo!

  4. You're soooo adorable! Loving your looks so far!

  5. Thank you everyone! You're all so nice :)