Rose 11x30: On A Slow Night

Sweater dress - HM
Jeggings - Smart Set
Necklace - HM
Shoes - BCBG via FeetFirst

I cannot stress enough how much I love this dress. I only tried it on for fun, because sweater dress aren't my usual sin. But my, do I feel good in it. It's simple, it's stylish and it looks expensive. What more can I ask for?

I wore this outfit on the not so glorious day of last Saturday. After crying like a widow (which isn't so far from reality) all afternoon, I decided not to spend my night alone at home and carry on with the tears. Instead, I went out and helped a friend who worked at Montreal's White Night festival and handed flyers for a contemporary dance show.

I also wanted to show you guys that I wore a lacy cam underneath it, but it only looked like I was trying to show you my underwear. That would've been weird.

(Title inspired by this amazing song by Metric)


  1. Et ta beauté fût sans contredit la raison du succès de cette Nuit Blanche!

    ps: suis une fan inconditionnelle de ta robe-chandail!

  2. Une vraie sirène dans cette robe. Bravo!

  3. Très belle robe! Elle te va comme un gant!