Rose 12x30: New Life, New Comfort Zone

Cardigan - Smart Set
Jeans - Levis
Shoes - Feet First
Necklace - Reitmans
Belt - Primark
Cami - Camden Locks

This was my first time wearing a belt at the actual place where a belt was invented to be: hips. I'm not really comfortable doing this because I feel it only emphasizes the part I don't want to expose, and boy, are waist belts loooong (that's a bit complexing).

I don't hate the look, but I'm not sure I will do that regularly - aren't I cute with my obsession of waist belts? I have so much more to show you! Let me show you my belt collection, pretty please!


  1. J'aime bien ta ceinture, le rose coupe sur le foncé et le collier complète bien l'ensemble.

  2. C'est joli la ceinture plus basse, c'est vrai qu'on te voit rarement avec ça! Tu fais bien d'oser!