Violette: I Bought (Ailes de la mode Edition)

Hat, Nail polishes (L.A. Girl: Antique, Idol, Escape, Intoxicate, Light Show)

Last fall, Rose and I bought the same (false) leather jacket at Les Ailes de la Mode. Like the three other leather jackets I had previously returned (true story...), this one did not made the cut either (surprise!). I love the look on others, but it just doesn't feel like me. So I returned the jacket and since then, I had a store credit at Les Ailes de la mode.

Last week I figured it was time to spend my store credit (valid for a year). Let me be honest: I don't really enjoy shopping at this store, so I had a hard time finding something that I liked. I ended up with a hat and five (yes, five) nail polishes. The hat is a must for summer and the nail polishes... well, you just can't have too many nail polishes, right?

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