Fashion Reading: I Love Your Style

I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks

This is a new kind of post here on rose&violette. I was shopping at Urban Outfitters and I was sad because I found everything to be so expensive (for something with the same quality you can find at Forever 21 for a third of the price or less).So I wandered around in the books section, which I never did. And BANG! Illumination: I need to start collecting fashion, style and beauty books.

The first book I bought is I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks. The book illustrates different styles (classic, high fashion, minimalist, etc.) and how to achieve them. There are a lot of pictures of women from now and then. I haven't read all the book yet, but I really like how it is written: It feels like Amanda Brooks is talking with you. It's easy to read (even if English is my second language) and I feel like I will refer to this book to from time to time. Style is forever, no?

And you, did you read this book? What do you think about it? Do you have any suggestions of fashion, style and beauty books?

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