A Little Pause.

Hi there. You probably noticed that everything is quite calm around here. I am actually taking a much needed break. I feel uninspired. But I'll be back, no worries.

The good news is that Rose is coming back in Montreal for a whole month before Christmas! Yay! So we'll probably have some shopping stories to share with you then! I miss so much shopping with her (among other things).

In the meanwhile, I am looking forward to share with you some new outfits and other fashion and beauty posts. I am always trying to find the right balance between my personal life, work and this blog, so I am looking for a way to be able to blog regularly while enjoying life. This is a hobby, and I cannot compete with all the wonderful fashion blogs out there... especially with bloggers getting paid for writing about something, for wearing gifted clothes, with bloggers that have hours and hours to put to it, with bloggers invited to every fashion event, and even with bloggers that have real good photography and technology skills (or helpers). I even wonder why people would read this particular blog when there are thousands and thousands of them (and really good ones!). I need to reaffirm why I am doing this and what I want to do with it.

There is also this language thing always in the back of my mind... English isn't my first language, and it gives me a hard time when I do want to write something more informative or serious. But French isn't understood by that many people. Translating all the posts isn't very appealing to me.

Well... A girl has got a lot of thinking to do! Do you understand why I need a break now? Haha. If you have any comments or ideas, please do share with me, in the Comments section of this post or by email, some feedback would definitely help me. Thank you.

Take care everyone. Hope to see you back again very soon!

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