yay or nay?

Ultra short shorts... yay or nay?

Jumpsuits... yay or nay?

Clogs... yay or nay?

Coloured skinny jeans... yay or nay?

Jade nails... yay or nay?

Personnally, I would say HELL NO to short shorts (that's just too much information), yay for the jumpsuit (it kind of looks flattering, doesn'it it?), no to clogs (c'mon it's not the seventies anymore, stop bringing that fashion back!), no to coloured skinnys and no to jade nails (I don't want a literal green thumb).
What about you guys?


  1. I agree with you about the short shorts, they are a big no for me, yay to jumpsuit, yay to clogs - clogs are awesome! no to coloured skinnies and yes to jade green nails :) x

  2. I agree with you rose!
    shorts shorts = nooooo
    jumpsuit = yay
    clogs = no
    coloured skinny jeans = no
    jade nails = no, I prefer the other trend: taupe!

  3. Oh man, we're pretty much opposites. ;)
    No to the shorts. (I mean, there's short, and then there's SHOOORT, you know?)
    Jumpsuits...maybe. I like the baggier romper trend on other people, but a fitted, full-body jumpsuit just says 'disco' to me.
    No to covered clogs...but yes to clog sandals! I really like the Jeffrey Campbell wood-soled sandals that have been all over the place lately...and I've got a pair of Swedish Hasbeens and adore them. :D
    Coloured skinnies...I wouldn't rule them out.
    And I really like the jade nails! I've got American Apparel's Office colour and wear it all the time.