Stupidest Sale Ever

Have you ever been to Ardene? It's similar to Claire's, if it rings a bell. Mostly tacky things but sometimes you can find great articles for cheap.

That's what I had in mind today when I entered the store to see if I could find an accessory to wear with my dress for next week's wedding.

I found this cute ring, which I thought would be a perfect fit:

It was in the 8 for $8 sales rack, so I figured it was $1. I head to the cashier, resigned to only buy this gorgeous accessory and quite content with the $1 price tag.

Then the clerk told me the unthinkable: the sale is only applicable if I purchase 8 items. If I buy only one, then it's full price.

Let me get this straight:
If I buy a ring in a 8 for $8 sales rack, I have to pay full price for it, but if I select 7 other items along with it, I pay $8 for the whole thing? Correct!

I know I wasn't supposed to actually shop but I couldn't bear the thought of blatantly ignore that sale and be ripped-off. Here's what I got:

And I also got the sandals I was talking about yesterday.

Total cost of today's purchases: $21. One pair of sandals, three necklaces and 4 pairs of earrings.

Not bad.


  1. I love those long necklaces! What a steal!

  2. haha!

    Ardène, it's all your fault if rose is shopping!

    But great purchases. And the sandals look really good, your little ride in CDN was worth it.