Latest Purchase

As I mentionned in a previous post, I bought a dress for my friend's wedding on August 7th (the items for my wedding outfit are the only purchases I was allowed to make during my shopping ban, and I did respect it).

Here's the dress I bought:

Flowery dress, Sears, $39 - Earrings H&M $5

I'm still not sure about the dress. I've always had a problem with strapless considering my bust size and strapless bras can only do so much. Also, when I look sideways, I almost look like I'm pregnant which I kind of want to avoid, both for me and for the giddy person asking when I'm due.

It makes me nervous because I'll probably be moving around a lot and I don't want to spend all my evening lifting my dress up in a very non-chic manner. But the truth is, I haven't found anything else that I like. And I made the bf buy a matching hot pink button-down that he will wear with his dark grey suit. Would be very disappointed not to be cheesy and colour-matching couple.

Large busted woman of the world (yes I believe the whole female population of this planet reads this blog), please share your, let's say, supporting tips and your solution to the whole strapless dress thing. Am open to duck tape if necessary.

As for the foot apparel, I've had my sight on these gorgeous, and I'm going all the way across town tomorrow to get them in my size:

Black Platforms - Payless

They're only $9. Can you believe it? The area I have to go to is kind of sketchy so if I get mugged at least I'll have great shoes to walk home in. A girl's gotta choose her battles.

Of course the hair and make-up will actually have to be done (which they aren't at all at the moment) so that will make the whole thing a bit better.

So what do you think of the outfit? Yay or nay?

ps i'm really depending on your opinions, guys, so please, for the love of god, let me know what you think, brutally and honestly! the wedding is in one week!


  1. Very, very pretty dress! I love the colors and the pockets! I don't know how you look from the side, but from the front, I like it.

    As a small busted girl, I don't have any tips for you... but I think you could just wear a little cardi to cover yourself and that would be fine.

  2. I think it looks flattering, but if you don't feel comfortable don't settle for it. Another quick fix option is to sew some simple straps onto it. I've done that and it saves you the work of wearing a strapless.

  3. I think I might give the straps a try! There's actually a bow in the back, I could use that extra fabric, or cut off some length.

    I can't bear the thought of lifting my dress up and repositioning the er, area, the whole night!