Christmas outfit

Because I can't take outfit pictures right now... here is a Polyvore of what I think I'm going to wear on Christmas day. Those aren't the real clothes, but similar to.

Christmas outfit

The real clothes will possibly be:
Forever 21 - Plain black t-shirt in a satin-y fabric (13,50$)
Smart Set - Lace skirt (gift from Mommy)
??? (Whatever) - Black opaque tights
Winners - Franco Sarto black wedge booties (90$)
OR Wal-Mart - Black heel sandals (25$)
??? (I think Aldo) - Earrings (birthday gift from a coworker)

What do you think? I'm unsure about the shoes. Sometimes at Christmas I end up without any shoe at all, haha! (Or big pink slippers.)

Oh, don't tell me everything is black. I know. I LOVE black. (If you haven't figured out yet... I may ask you to look at some of my old outfit posts!)

If I don't wear that, I also have a dress in mind. It's from H&M. I got it last January on sale for like, 10$. It's (guess which color?!) black, with some silver/gold sequin at the collar.

BUT most importantly, both outfits are loose so I can stuff myself with food. YAY!

Maybe we'll see pictures of what I ended up wearing.

And you? What do you plan on wearing for Christmas?

***UPDATE*** I ended up wearing my H&M dress, with black tights... and that's it. No accessories, no shoes. haha!

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