Rose 7x30: In the fields

Blouse - Smart Set
Jeans - Smart Set
Shoes - Aldo
Jewelry - Vintage from mom

It's the first time I've worn this shirt for the challenge it God, does it feel good to have some colour! I don't regret the items I chose, but sometimes I feel like it's all a little plain. Add a flowery shirt to the mix and there you go.

I also wore this beautiful pearl necklace, which I only got a few weeks ago. It's actually the very necklace my mom wore for her wedding in 1985. Vintage and personal, what more can you ask? I simply love it. I also wore pearls earrings, but they're a soft shade of pink so it doesn't look like I'm wearing a matching set. Because I really hate these. Matching jewellery sets remind me of the tacky faux-diamond sets you find in every store right before prom season.

Also a first on the challenge, I'm not wearing my usual day make-up. A little bit of powder and mascara and I was done. I just felt very blah this morning and decided to go commando with my face. That made you think of something else, didn't it? You naughty people.


  1. Très joli! J'aime beaucoup la blouse. D'où vient-elle?

    En passant tes skinnys te font super bien! Vraiment.

  2. I would totally wear this outfit, super cute!

  3. Violette, on l'a acheté ensemble, cette blouse! ;)

    Thanks liz! I could definitely see you wear something like this, especially with your leather jacket. I'm sure it would look nice!

  4. Wow! Une toute nouvelle Rose! De plus en plus féminine et raffinée! Tout ça te va très bien.