Rose 9x30 It's The 50s All Over Again

I felt very 50s housewife today. With the tiny difference that I was actually at work, not preparing myself to fulfill my husband's every desire. Maybe it's the mixture of bright red and polka dots? Although after seeing the pictures, I wish I'd worn other shoes. It looks like I tried too hard to match my belt and my shoes, and it just didn't work out. But I'm sure I'm the only one who noticed anyway.

I also noticed that most of my outfits are waist-focused. I think I should try new ways to fit my clothes, but on the other hand, don't fix it 'til it's broken, right?


  1. Combien de fois dois-je te le dire? Il ne faut pas toujours matcher!!! :) Tu es superbe.

    ps: belle ceinture - elle a traversé les hémisphères celle-là ;)

  2. Rose tu as l'air d'une star, tu es rayonnante dans ces vêtements qui te vont à merveille!

  3. J'adore la petite touche de rouge! Tu es encore une fois magnifique.