Violette 19x30: LGC

Top - H&M
Dress (worn as a skirt) - H&M
Tights - ???
Shoes - DKNY via Winners
Headband - Ardène

LGC as in little grandma cardigan, which is my fifth and last extra item. I needed a boost since I considered outfit 18 a fail. So I remembered that I didn't wear my last extra item yet. Let's talk about this item: it's mint green, it's fluffy/furry, and it has pearls all over it. Not the average black cardigan! Guess why I don't wear it so much...!

Well, I wanted to wear it with jeans, but because I didn't pick any cami or t-shirt in my 30 for 30, I couldn't do so. The cardigan is on the short side so I can't wear it alone with pants. I decided to wear it over my black dress and I think it was a pretty outfit. But I doubt I'll often wear it like that. I think the cardigan really needs to be worn with something a little edgier. Do you?

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  1. T'es magnifique avec ton look de 50's housewife :) J'adore ton cardigan de grand-mère!

  2. J'adore. Classique et moderne à la fois 1

  3. Violette, tu es née pour porter des perles, tu aurais fait une merveilleuse princesse. Tout comme les plumes, ça te convient très bien. S.V.P. reporte ce chandail!

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  5. Très joli ton ensemble Violette. Tu ajoutes ce petit quelque chose au cardigan de type «grand-moumou» ;)