Violette: I Want (Black Ballerina Edition)

If you are anything like me, as much as I love fancy shoes and everything, I always end up wearing my trusted black ballerinas for comfort. But sadly, ballerinas have a very short life span. Every season, I must try to find a new pair and the problem is, I'm picky. Oh-so-picky.

My ballerina must have:
  • a somewhat pointy toe (to elongate the leg)
  • a slight heel (if you never experienced the difference between flat and 0.5-1" heel... try it you'll be amazed by the comfort)
  • a simple design (the ballerina must not be the focal point of my outfit).
If it can be in real leather, it's a plus (to me, leather is more comfortable because it can breathe).

So, I always have a hard time finding new ballerinas. Here are a few models currently on my "to-try" list.

1. Aldo, 75 CA$
2. No Angel via Globo, 14,98 CA$ (on sale)
3. Asos, 44,26 CA$
4. Spring, 49,99 CA$

But still, I would prefer something even more plain than these ones. Any suggestions for me?

And what about you? Do you wear ballerinas? Are you as picky as I am?

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