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Because we can't ignore the whole virtual shopping world and it's fun to shop (for real or not) in our pyjamas, this new category of posts will highlight online shopping websites. Don't be shy to share with us your favorite shopping websites! 

Please note that these aren't sponsored posts.

d a c e is the work of Dace Moore, designer. It is based in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia. The line is manufactured and produced locally.

d a c e describes its style on the website:

"With styles that possess sophisticated modern lines, the d a c e brand always conveys a sense of classic femininity. Clothing by d a c e is known for its clean lines and for being well constructed, with attention to fit and detail. The pieces are versatile and designed to be flattering and sexy, with an overall classy but fun look – recognizably d a c e. "

To learn more about d a c e, click here.

What you should know:
  • Pricing: about 40 CA$ - 300 CA$
  • Shipping to Canada: 12,50 CA$ Ground 2-7 days (Canada Post expedited parcel)
  • Personal experience: N/A

Here are a few of my favorite items available right now:

I'm in love with this dress.
Tempest Dress (145 CA$ on sale) 

Virtue Dress (100 CA$ on sale)

Patience Dress (164 CA$ on sale)

Joss Blouse (90 CA$ on sale)

Do you know d a c e? Have you ever purchased something from their website? Would you recommend it?

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